Basic Knowledge of Micronutrient Advice

The first e-learning module of the PRO academy deals with the basic knowledge of micronutrient advice. In the very practice-oriented and interactive online training this topic is discussed in 3 parts which build on each other.

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01 Micronutrient requirements & reference values

The first part gives an overview of the current nutrition situation, individual micronutrient requirements are examined and the up-to-date reference values are given as an important guideline.

02 Advice to complement prescriptions

The second part focuses in particular on advice to complement prescriptions. This part deals with recognising drugs as micronutrient robbers and finding out how commonly prescribed drugs can affect micronutrient balance.

03 Case studies from clinical practice

The third part presents examples from day to day practice. Solutions for a targeted micronutrient recommendation are interactively discussed, which facilitate starting a consultation and holistic customer service .

After completion of the e-learning you have the possibility to test your newly gained knowledge with 10 questions and to give your personal feedback.

Key areas covered

  • Micronutrient requirements & reference values (36%)
  • Advice to complement prescriptions (35%)
  • Case studies from clinical practice (29%)

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