Minerals – magnesium, calcium and potassium

01 Magnesium

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The first part of the e-learning contains everything worth knowing about the mineral magnesium. From foods rich in magnesium to bioavailability and factors which can reduce bioavailability. The functions of magnesium are also studied interactively. Clinical uses relevant to daily practice and intake recommendation round off this part.

02 Calcium

Chapter 2 continues with the essential mineral calcium. The functions of calcium for bone health and sports take centre stage here. Tips to improve bioavailability and consideration of the intervals between intake of calcium and drugs add clinical relevance.

03 Potassium

The third part deals with the mineral potassium. How much potassium should be ingested on a daily basis and how can the requirement increase? Questions relevant to clinical practice which will be answered here. Facts regarding clinical uses, possible combinations with magnesium and potassium-drug interactions offer help with professional advice.

Key areas covered

  • Magnesium (34 %)
  • Calcium (41%)
  • Potassium (25%)

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