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Micronutrients & indications at a glance

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The expert library is an essential part of the PRO academy and the optimal reference tool for your micronutrient knowledge. Here you can find all the necessary information regarding micronutrients and indications, clearly structured and at a glance. At present, we offer expert knowledge on thirteen vitamins and five important minerals online, direct in your PRO account.

Structure of the reference work

The PRO academy expert library is divided into micronutrients and indications. Each listed micronutrient is divided into its profile with its biological functions, its food sources, its indications and contraindications, its side effects and its interactions. Furthermore, you can find reference values and their interpretation under laboratory, intake recommendations and frequently asked questions. Everything is referenced, of course. To experience the full benefit, all indications are optimally linked with the micronutrients, so that you can search directly for the desired indication and get straight to the relevant paragraph.

List of micronutrients

And it’s growing


A continued expansion of the expert library through addition of further micronutrients is planned and will be implemented step by step. In addition, white papers will also be published in the near future.

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